Taking Stock: October ’16

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The temperature has been extreme lately, with it being scorching hot one minute and the next minute it’s pouring. Weird enough, I’ve been loving it. I won’t lie it’s so much better when you are indoors though and you can snuggle under your covers or just go butt naked. In general, I’m no longer too worried about unpredictability or change…well, as long as it’s not all thunderstorms and hail 😁. 
Anywho, here’s a Taking Stock Post for October. And can you believe it’s about 66 days till the new year? Can’t wait for that brand new feeling. No, just kidding, I can totally wait. No hurry. 😁 LOL. 

Taking Stock: October ’16

Making: Nothing major this month. *sad face*

Cooking: Simple meals to save time. 

Drinking: Water and a lot of black tea.

Reading: School stuff. 

Wanting: To read Fiction instead. 

Looking: at denim gowns on the internet. 

Playing: Mufti Menk Podcasts and phone games. Sheesh. 

Deciding: To wake up on time and get moving. Everyday. 

Wishing: that the country would get better soon for everyone. 

Enjoying: the time I have to myself right now. 

Waiting: for the next episode of Frequency. 

Wondering: if someone can make a machine to create extra 24 hours each day. 

Loving: my new hair growth

Hoping: that my emoticons show in this post. 

Marveling: at how much time I have started to waste on Twitter these past few days. 

Watching: Queen Sugar, Pitch and Frequency. 

Needing: Money and room space. 

Smelling: nice (according to my husband) but I can’t really smell anything. #StillWinning. Lol 

Wearing: As little as possible indoors. 

Knowing: that I should keep myself out of the cold for my own good but not heeding my own advice 🙃. 

Thinking: about dinner. 

Bookmarking: nothing but Wiki articles. 

Preparing: for a surprise. 

Giggling: because I have the week off. So good to be getting a break. So good. 
Till next time loves,

Hadiza, xoxo.