Reading Challenge 2017

I’m not about making resolutions per se anymore. I’ve got two New Years and my birthday and every Sunday for do overs. I could wake up at 12 o’clock and decide to start something new. I’m all about being a better person each day, any time. 

I do set goals however, (duh!) and try my best to achieve them. Last year, I challenged myself to read 100 books but what with school, moving, starting a family, there was no way I was going to complete it. I barely even went passed 10%. Shame!

This year, I’m trying to read 50 books for my challenge this year.  But January is almost halfway gone and I’ve spent all this time binge-watching tons of silly stuff on Netflix. God help me. I don’t have any specific criteria on what books I want to focus on, although I am leaning towards more fiction this year. I need to unwind without thinking too much. 

I noticed for the first time that there are tons of reading challenge ideas floating around on the internet. Like this one from PopSugar that @thegirldorian on twitter showed me:

“A story within a story”? Lol, I have no idea how many books fall under that category. 

Personally, I just log in my progress into my Goodreads account. I’m open to recommendations from my fellow book lovers and if any happen to fit into any of the categories above, I’m willing to give it a shot. 

Id like to know what your reading challenge is like for the year, assuming you have any in particular. What’s on your shelf? 

Until next time loves, 



Craves and Raves

Last week was the Ake Festival at Abeokuta. For those of you that do not know what it is, it’s an annual book and art festival that holds in Abeokuta each time. Last year was my first time there and I didn’t blog about it but it was the BOMB. I got to meet tons of authors and artists and I even won a cash prize to shop for books at the bookstore there. It was one of the highlights of last year for me and I couldn’t wait for it this year. 

Me at AkeFest 2015 with Toni Kan

At Olumo Rock

Me, my sis and Taiye Selasi

Unfortunately I didn’t get to go this year and I’m still not done seething. Ngugi wa Thiong’o was the headline author this year so imagine my annoyance when school and life came in the way of my traveling to Ake this time. Plus there were tons of friends I would have loved to see. So yeah, Ake was the rave of last week and I got to miss it. 💔

Another awesome event I didn’t get to miss was the comedy show, Lord of the Ribs, by Basket Mouth. It was in Port Harcourt this year and it was my first time at a comedy show. It was a lot of fun, perfect date night material. Except I don’t know why it was on a Sunday and late into the night too. Like how are we supposed to get our acts together for Monday? 😑😕

This week I have nothing lined up except exams that hopefully don’t get postponed again. As per fashion, I’ve been craving bow sneakers and kaftans thanks to @Muslimahanie. I went scouting online and found some sneakers on Pinterest similar to hers and I’m absolutely coveting these I saw on The Hunt

The sneakers from Pinterest ❤️

Can’t wait till I get them. I literally do not have the guts to diy my sneakers at the moment. Lol. 

Here’s hoping I find more interesting events to attend with my introverted self. 

Until next time loves, Ciao. 

Hadiza ❤️. 

Book of the Week: She Wore Red Trainers

Salam lavs!

She Wore Red Trainers

Rad cover, right? I haven’t finished reading this book yet but I decided to post this review nonetheless.

She Wore Red Trainers is a Muslim book by award-winning author, Naima B. Roberts. It tells the story of two teenagers, Ali and Amirah. Ali has just lost his mum and moved to a new place. He meets Amirah and notices everything about her, down to her red trainers. He is still struggling with his faith, the loss of his mum and keeping his family together. Amirah also has family issues of her own. Burdened with a mother who always seems to pick the wrong men and younger siblings she has to take care of, life isn’t exactly rosy and she has vowed never to get married. Suddenly she meets Ali and they cannot stop thinking about each other.
This is a wonderful story about young love and romance. Falling in love as a teenager can be quite confusing and for Muslims, certain borders must not be crossed. Ali and Amirah struggle with their tumultuous lives and with their thoughts of each other and only hope that things can turn out for the best in the end. This is a beautiful read for teenagers and adults.

‘She Wore Red Trainers’ is published by Kube Publishing

You can get a free read here.

Book of The Week: Measuring Time

Bonjour Lavs! I hope you are having a wonderful week.

Today’s book of the week is Measuring Time by Helon Habila. This is a story about twin brothers, LaMamo and Mamo, the lives of the people surrounded them and the events that shaped their lives.




Mamo inherits sickle cell anaemia from his mother, who died at childbirth without knowing that she actually had two children. LaMamo, the other twin, who seems stronger and more confident, is however more irrational and less cool-headed than his sickly brother. They seem like two sides of a coin, bearing different sides but still the same. They also happen to share an immense hatred for their father which unites them even more, asides from their search for fame and glory.

The protagonist, however, turns out to be Mamo who turns out to be a history teacher and biographer.

This is just not fiction but it is also a story about African history and tradition, about how a lot of things have not actually changed much.

I have not finished reading this yet (and I do not want to be a spoiler) but it is a really good read that you would not regret. I do hope you check it out.

Ciao! xxx

Books For July

  • Dont Be Sad by Dr. A’id al-Qarni

Really interesting religious/motivational/inspirational book. The title says it all and it is a very good read, one to have all the time.

  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

I have had this book since I was a kid and I still take it everywhere. I can’t explain it to anyone…you just have to read it. 🙂

  • 50 Shades Darker by E.L. James

This is Book Two of the 50 shade trilogy. Let’s just say I want to know how the rest of the story goes. 🙂

  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Another book I have had since forever but I refused to read. I just got interested in it because I had they made a movie based on it. An interesting read too. I love Fitzgerald’s quotes, I don’t know why I never got to read the book.

(Exactly my book cover, except it’s more old and worn)

  • You Can Be The Happiest Woman In the World by Dr. A’id al-Qarni

…if you want to be the happiest woman in the world…lol.