Taking Stock: May ’17

Hey loves!

It’s been a long minute. I just had a baby girl *insert fireworks and party whistles* and I’ve been basking in the excitement and giddy happiness that comes with motherhood. That’s not to say it has been all fun and rosy. It has certainly been trying but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I gave myself a well deserved maternity break from everything, blogging included and right now, I’m getting my groove back. I’ve started getting busy again and I decided to do a Taking Stock post to just see what I’ve been up to. So here goes…

Making: boob juice. Lots and lots of boob juice. 😊💃🏽

Cooking: healthier meals. Or at least, I’m trying to. 

Drinking: a lot of water. It’s not easy making all this boob juice. 

Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Oh and I just read We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo. Amazing read. 

Wanting: dollars. Lots. Don’t we all?

Looking: at baby clothes and baby books. Is this what my life has become?

Playing: with my little human most of the time. And this is why I never get any work done. 

Deciding: that one day each week should be set aside to try a new recipe. 

Wishing: I had a magic wand and I could get all my work done in one flick. 

Enjoying: a better relationship with food where I don’t have to beat myself up too much for indulging in not-too-healthy treats. 

Waiting: to see the hubs.  ❤

Wondering: when next I’d get to go to the cinema. 

Loving: denim jackets right now. I’m yet to find a nice one for myself. 

Hoping: that I meet my weight loss goal soon. 

Watching: Iron Rose, PLL and Project Runway. It’s a good thing my cable and Netflix subscriptions just expired. I can’t believe I was getting addicted to Telemundo. 😩

Needing: new art supplies. ASAP. 

Disliking: the way I’ve been misplacing stuff in my house. I can usually remember where everything is, so this new atitude is really annoying. 

Smelling: like different kinds of oils. 

Wearing: tops and dresses with front zippers and buttons. The need to be able to yank out a boob with speed to pacify a crying baby has changed my life 😩. 

Knowing: that God is always right. Pretty “duh” I know, but really being conscious of that fact makes it easier to stay on His path. 

Thinking: happy thoughts. Trying hard to get rid of awful memories. 

Bookmarking: lots of baby stuff on my phone. 

Preparing: for success. 

Giggling: always at the funny pictures of me and the little one on my phone. 

I hope May has been pretty great for y’all. See you soon, loves. 

Hadiza ❤


Taking Stock: January 2017

Hello loves! 

This is the first taking Stock post of the year and I plan to be more consistent with these. 2016 was not exactly pleasant for a lot of people. Here’s praying that 2017 turns out to be a great year and way better for everyone. 

So here goes…

Making: Freezer dinners. They are a way to help me save and make sure that I don’t go hungry. I can be pretty indecisive when it comes to food sometimes, so double win for me.

Cooking: More pasta. With tons of cheese. 

Drinking: A lot of water. It’s funny because the weather isn’t even hot but I can’t seem to help myself. 

Reading: Biostatistics and Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. 

Wanting: to fix my sleep pattern. My circadian rhythm is out of control. 

Looking: forward to February. January has been so long. 

Playing: nothing really. I’m good with the silence. 

Deciding: to be more minimalistic with everything. I tend to hold on to stuff for too long and I think it’s bordering on hoarding. 

Wishing: that the world was a better place. Sounds cliche but really it’s tiring turning on the news and feeling every time like the world is going to shit. 

Enjoying: My Alone time. 

Waiting: for when I get to see my husband again. 

Wondering: if I’d look good with a faux lip ring or nose ring. 

Loving: A lot of things. I can’t seem to pick just one thing. I’m really grateful. 

Hoping: that things turn out for the best soon. 

Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1. I’m still not sure if I like it or not. It’s just really silly and a tad annoying. And Adult Swim. 

Needing: to plan my time better and figure out a proper schedule.

Smelling: like coconut oil most of the time. 

Wearing: warm fuzzy boots because my feet can’t stand the cold at the moment.

Knowing: that I’m where I need to be right now ❤. 

Thinking: about how and where I can get new outfit pieces on sale. 

Bookmarking: Nothing really. I’m actually clearing out old bookmarks. I had like a 100 old things lined up in my browser I didn’t even need. I’m such a tab hopper it’s annoying.

Preparing: for new beginnings and sunshine. 

Giggling: at my own cheeks. Then they look funnier and make me giggle more. Haha. 

Taking Stock: October ’16

Image from threadlessrules.com

The temperature has been extreme lately, with it being scorching hot one minute and the next minute it’s pouring. Weird enough, I’ve been loving it. I won’t lie it’s so much better when you are indoors though and you can snuggle under your covers or just go butt naked. In general, I’m no longer too worried about unpredictability or change…well, as long as it’s not all thunderstorms and hail 😁. 
Anywho, here’s a Taking Stock Post for October. And can you believe it’s about 66 days till the new year? Can’t wait for that brand new feeling. No, just kidding, I can totally wait. No hurry. 😁 LOL. 

Taking Stock: October ’16

Making: Nothing major this month. *sad face*

Cooking: Simple meals to save time. 

Drinking: Water and a lot of black tea.

Reading: School stuff. 

Wanting: To read Fiction instead. 

Looking: at denim gowns on the internet. 

Playing: Mufti Menk Podcasts and phone games. Sheesh. 

Deciding: To wake up on time and get moving. Everyday. 

Wishing: that the country would get better soon for everyone. 

Enjoying: the time I have to myself right now. 

Waiting: for the next episode of Frequency. 

Wondering: if someone can make a machine to create extra 24 hours each day. 

Loving: my new hair growth

Hoping: that my emoticons show in this post. 

Marveling: at how much time I have started to waste on Twitter these past few days. 

Watching: Queen Sugar, Pitch and Frequency. 

Needing: Money and room space. 

Smelling: nice (according to my husband) but I can’t really smell anything. #StillWinning. Lol 

Wearing: As little as possible indoors. 

Knowing: that I should keep myself out of the cold for my own good but not heeding my own advice 🙃. 

Thinking: about dinner. 

Bookmarking: nothing but Wiki articles. 

Preparing: for a surprise. 

Giggling: because I have the week off. So good to be getting a break. So good. 
Till next time loves,

Hadiza, xoxo.