Taking Stock: May 2016

I first read a “Taking Stock” post by Valerie of Cateyes and Carrots. After snooping around the blogosphere, I eventually found the originator of the Taking Stock Posts, Pip at Meet Me At Mikes. I thought it was a pretty rad way of reflecting on the month and looking at all the things that have happened so far and, in this case, a way to reintroduce myself to this blog. Here goes.

Making: different clothes and outfits. I get this mad rush of inspiration occasionally and I cannot afford to let it pass me by without going HAM. 

Cooking: Not very much. Because, leftovers and laziness. 

Drinking: Not enough water. Sucks for me. 

Reading: Girls At War by Chinua Achebe and Africa39.

Wanting: to recreate my personal space asap. 

Looking: forward to Ramadan. Lord knows this girl needs a serious Iman boost. 

Playing: phones games a whole lot less. 

Deciding: to shut out every form of negativity. 

Wishing: the fuel price hike would be reversed and the economy would get better soon. 

Enjoying: the time and good health I have been blessed with. I’m constantly reminded about how this is a gift from Allah I need to use to the fullest. 

Waiting: for change. 

Liking: cute children videos on the Internet. Brightens up my day. 

Wondering: why airport announcers tend to sound nasal. 

Loving: the woman I am becoming, in and out.

Disliking: wall geckos. Eek. 

Buying: Lots of oils. I love trying out new oils but my all time go to has to be coconut oil. 

Watching: People. People watching can be fun sometimes. It beats pressing your phone every time in my opinion. 

Hoping: that I get to finish my reading challenge for the year. I don’t want to buy new books if I can’t finish the ones I have.

Marveling: at how resilient Nigerians can be. 

Needing: to get my workout game in check. 

Smelling: like coconut oil mostly. 

Wearing: more high waist skirts. Very flattering, in my opinion. Lol. 

Knowing: that protecting my space is key to my peace of mind.

Believing: that everything will work out well in the end. 

Preparing: for joy. 

Thinking: about new recipes. 

Bookmarking:  This. I’m looking to add chia seeds in my diet. Does anyone have tips?

Giggling: at old Top Gear episodes.