Hi there! I am Hadiza and welcome to my blog. 

For those who have known me here for a quite a while, blogging started out as a hobby and a medium to explore my love for writing. This blog has morphed gradually into what it is now, a modest lifestyle blog. 

Here I talk about fashion, food, faith, fiction, fun and everything else in between. Occasionally I might muse about bits of life as well, and life in Nigeria as an Igbo Muslim woman. 

Thank you for stopping by and for being here. Don’t leave in a hurry now.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. It was interesting reading up your views and perspective on certain issues. social et political. I particularly enjoyed certain innuendoes within the 30 day challenge, even if I found some of the posts either a tad boring or too long. Finally, I reckon the only way to cure a writer’s block is by writing. So keep writing! Well done

  2. I’m getting impressed every day by the gusto Muslims are now having to be civil and engaging. for a young person like you, I can only pray that you find the courage and encouragement to go to the next level. I’m a poet and a doctor and I hope we can collaborate and explore the beauty of Islam and distill for ourselves an elixir of perpetual excellence. kudos

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