Reading Challenge 2017

I’m not about making resolutions per se anymore. I’ve got two New Years and my birthday and every Sunday for do overs. I could wake up at 12 o’clock and decide to start something new. I’m all about being a better person each day, any time. 

I do set goals however, (duh!) and try my best to achieve them. Last year, I challenged myself to read 100 books but what with school, moving, starting a family, there was no way I was going to complete it. I barely even went passed 10%. Shame!

This year, I’m trying to read 50 books for my challenge this year.  But January is almost halfway gone and I’ve spent all this time binge-watching tons of silly stuff on Netflix. God help me. I don’t have any specific criteria on what books I want to focus on, although I am leaning towards more fiction this year. I need to unwind without thinking too much. 

I noticed for the first time that there are tons of reading challenge ideas floating around on the internet. Like this one from PopSugar that @thegirldorian on twitter showed me:

“A story within a story”? Lol, I have no idea how many books fall under that category. 

Personally, I just log in my progress into my Goodreads account. I’m open to recommendations from my fellow book lovers and if any happen to fit into any of the categories above, I’m willing to give it a shot. 

Id like to know what your reading challenge is like for the year, assuming you have any in particular. What’s on your shelf? 

Until next time loves, 



7 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2017

  1. I planned to 100 books last year, after like 5 months, I changed to 50 and I read 41 eventually.

    Anyway, I plan to read more of non-fiction this year, in sha Allah. Sadly, I don’t have most of the books on my reading list, but I’ve been able to squeeze out 10 non-fictions from my library (read boxes) Lol.

    I plan to read 50 this year as well, in sha Allah.

    • You came so close to completing it last year! I changed it and that didn’t even make me more motivated lol. I’ve been reading too many serious books I just feel like more fiction for fun might balance it out. Please share your book recommendations this year. Here’s hoping we nail our challenges this year. ❤

  2. A book with a title that’s a characters name – This is a 3 part book.

    Author: Sister Soulja
    Characters name – Midnight

    Part 1- Midnight – A gangster love story
    Part 2- Midnight and the meaning of love
    Part 3 – A moment of silence Midnight 3

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