Broken Dictionary 

Hello lavs. It’s been a while. I thought I had a scheduled post but alas, I did not. What with getting married and settling down in a new place, life has been a tad crazy. Can you believe it’s the end of September? Insane. I literally can’t believe the year is about to end. 

I wanted to start with a Taking Stock post and share my current craves and happenings but there’s something fun I’d like to share with you all. You know how sometimes there is an African article you read online or a book and there are certain words written in pidgin language you can’t seem to understand? Well, some really cool people came up with an idea to help via a website called It is an online platform for sharing and learning Pidgin English words and phrases from Nigeria, China, Cameroon, Ghana, Hawaii and other places across the globe. So basically, you can put in words unique to where you are from as well as learn from other people from different countries. How rad is that! It’s still relatively new but I’m interested to see how awesome it can get. 

Go visit the website and share a few words that you know in pidgin. Or check for that one word you have been hearing your wafi friends say and you can’t seem to figure out. Make this happen loves. 😊

You can also follow Broken Dictionary on twitter, @forpidgin.

Until next time loves, stay awesome ❤️. 


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