Modest Swimwear: The Burkini

I have had swimming lessons on my bucket list for a long time now and while finding a place to learn was one issue, a bigger problem was not knowing what to wear. I personally needed something that gave me a bit more coverage than a one-piece or boy leg swimsuit. 

Enter the burkini/burqini.

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I had come across the burkini about 3 years ago on a Muslim blog and I absolutely loved the idea. However, I didn’t know where to get one plus I wasn’t even ready to take on lessons yet. Fast forward to the present where I was finally ready to take the leap. I got a way to buy one without paying ridiculous custom charges. I was thrilled. I could not wait to actually wear it to the pool. 

For me, this burkini was all I had been looking for. It covered my butt and it had ties at the edges to secure the top to the pants. Someone had issues with how fitted my pants were, which I personally had no problems with, as I was trying to avoid looking frumpy. I couldn’t imagine going with bigger pants especially since I’m still learning but since we are going for modest fashion here, I totally understood. 

The major problem I had with it was the fact that it did nothing for your chest. Am I supposed to wear a bra to swim? I think they should come with at least a bikini top to be worn inside the burkini. That was the part that made me really self conscious. I didn’t consider that part before putting it on the outfit.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any ppictures of me wearing it. Mine was a bit more fitted than that in the picture though. All in all, I’m glad I got a modest swimming outfit option. The fact that these weren’t here years ago shows progress in my opinion. Big brands carry these pieces now and it’s refreshing to see that every woman gets an option now when it comes to wearing what she wants. It is absurd and almost insane, in my opinion, that some people think that you are asking for attention by showing up in a bikini. That you are challenging an already set “system” (whatever that means). That encouraging the burkini means encouraging female body shaming

I am in no way ashamed of my body. As a matter of fact, I love my body too much to keep exposing it to harsh conditions. I mean, minus having people judge whether my ass is thick enough or not, the idea of staying in the sun for hours with most of my skin exposed is not enticing in the slightest. I burn easily in the sun and I’m not about to risk that. Also soaking in a chlorine pool almost naked isn’t exciting either even as much as I love the water. My eyes suffered from all of the chlorinated water and I literally had blurry vision the rest of the day. 

I don’t understand how hard it is to understand that people have different reasons for wanting to wear what they choose to. However throw modesty in the mix and we have a problem. Bring out the pitchforks and torches, people!! Seriously, calm down please. I got a lot of stares from people at the pool (mainly women though) and I couldn’t care less what anyone was thinking. You should not have to either, regardless of what you choose to wear. 

P.S: Before I forget, do not dry clean your burkini. Except it says so on the label. Most burkinis (and other swimwear I suppose) call for hand cold wash only and make sure to rinse immediately after use. I think dry cleaning ruins the fabric properties. 

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