Hello August!

It seems like only yesterday it was January and now we are looking forward to the end of the year. It is crazy how time flies so quickly but what is even crazier is the fact the we do not enjoy the time that has passed. We are constantly chasing something or trying to hit our goals that we don’t pause to breathe and enjoy the journey.
For me, that’s how most of the year has been. I have been constantly chasing certain dreams and right now I’m spent and tired. I have been living with the idea that my life should look a certain way, I should be at a certain weight or I should be earning a certain amount of money. This month I have decided it is time to reset. I have decided to breathe and enjoy the process and just live.
I am trying to get rid of the ‘shoulds’. Because in all honesty, how it is right now is how it should be. I am here right now and that’s enough. If I drop dead now, I really won’t want to see all the times I spent thinking about what should have been. All I’d want to see would be the times I actually lived in the present. How I enjoyed right now. Hopefully, that would be enough for me.

One way to enjoy the present would be to do the things you love and for me that would be making Bucket Lists…and living them out. Or as this crazy blogger would call it, Life Lists. I have had a major one since forever but I’m constantly waiting on something big to happen before I get to it. I get a bucket list sent to my email every month so this time I decided to get to it. Here is my list for the month.

●Try a new fruit.
●Grow something.
●Go geocaching for a day.
●Write a short story.
●Visit a place you have never been to before.
●Try out a new cuisine.
●Finish at least 2 books this month.
●Complete a drawing or painting.
●Go swimming.
●Make a new friend.

I hope to finish this at the end of the month. Any awesome stories will be shared.
Don’t forget to try something fun. Create your own list. Whatever you do, live.
Ciao lavs.


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