Are Dreadlocks Haram?

Salam Lavs!

Now I have been thinking about locking my hair for a while and although this seems like a pretty exciting idea to me, a lot of people seem to bring up the word ‘haram’ when I mention it. However, none of them really have any solid evidence to back it up.

Honestly, I think that dreadlocks will be easier for the Muslimah lifestyle (for me at least). It’s natural, there will be no need to braid my hair for Ghusl, mucho hijab volume…need I say more? Plus my hair kinda locks naturally. Hence my interest in locs.

It is a really big step to take, considering that I can’t take it out like regular braids if I want to and I can’t readily revert to my normal hair if I get tired. Plus, all this talk about it being Haram is making me hesitate.
I will really be willing to listen anyone’s honest opinion concerning locs, especially with evidence, as to whether they are haram or halal.

I’d also be willing to listen to anyone’s personal advice, whether based on personal experience or not.

Until next time lavs, Ciao!


4 thoughts on “Are Dreadlocks Haram?

  1. From what I’ve read so far, I do not think its haraam….as long as the appearance is neat, the hair is kept clean, and its not made with the intention of imitating other religions… far as I know, African hair is essentially locked hair anyways and the locked hair doesn’t get in the way of wudhu, nor does it make any of the ghusl invalid as water can reach the scalp…..but Allah knows best☺

  2. Walaykum salam. I really don’t think its haram to lock one’s natural hair. Considering the fact that you aren’t adding any hair extension to it. Someone actually told me its haram too, but nothing to back it up.

    PS: I’m locking my hair too, very soon 😀

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