Book of the Week: She Wore Red Trainers

Salam lavs!

She Wore Red Trainers

Rad cover, right? I haven’t finished reading this book yet but I decided to post this review nonetheless.

She Wore Red Trainers is a Muslim book by award-winning author, Naima B. Roberts. It tells the story of two teenagers, Ali and Amirah. Ali has just lost his mum and moved to a new place. He meets Amirah and notices everything about her, down to her red trainers. He is still struggling with his faith, the loss of his mum and keeping his family together. Amirah also has family issues of her own. Burdened with a mother who always seems to pick the wrong men and younger siblings she has to take care of, life isn’t exactly rosy and she has vowed never to get married. Suddenly she meets Ali and they cannot stop thinking about each other.
This is a wonderful story about young love and romance. Falling in love as a teenager can be quite confusing and for Muslims, certain borders must not be crossed. Ali and Amirah struggle with their tumultuous lives and with their thoughts of each other and only hope that things can turn out for the best in the end. This is a beautiful read for teenagers and adults.

‘She Wore Red Trainers’ is published by Kube Publishing

You can get a free read here.


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