Hijab and Sneakers

Hello lavs! Salam!

A friend of mine sent me this picture recently.


I Know Right? Nice!

Then she posed the question, “What can a hijabi wear with this?”

While I might not be the classic Hijabi (Lord knows I am praying and working towards a wardrobe change), I already had tons of ideas popping in my head. So my friend decided that I write about it instead. :). I went ahead and created some sets that could portray some of the ideas I had in mind.

Here goes…


Hijab punk chic

You can wear your wedge sneakers with a maxi gown. I love this particular pair of sneakers because it has the details of your regular pair of Converse but with buckles. I didn’t want it to look like your regular girl-next-door outfit with the maxi dress so I went punk style. I love love love the studded scarf.You can switch the denim jacket for a darker colour or use a leather jacket. Hey, too much leather is never enough right? šŸ˜€



I love a well cut side split skirt/dress!!! Makes me feel like Angelina Jolie! LOL! Of course, you have to wear it with a pair of tights if you are a hijabi. Wear it with your fav wedge sneakers instead of your regular heels or flats and get ready to rock the town Angelina Jolie style!



This is the kind of look most people would pair wedge sneakers with, jeans and a tank top. Add a maxi jacket on your tank top to look hijab chic.

I hope you loved the looks. This is a super hurried post and please pardon any mistakes.

Until next time lavs, xoxo.


3 thoughts on “Hijab and Sneakers

  1. I love all the styles but I prefer the 2nd one….mostly cos I’m trying to stay away from tight pants (*-*)…wonderful job dear :-*

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