Why so Shitty?

No one told me that working was going to be this shitty.

Maybe I wasn’t expecting it to be all roses and butterflies but sometimes it can be frustrating.

1. I got reprimanded today for coming late…and for leaving early yesterday. Yesterday I came in 20 minutes early. Then I left by 4:20pm instead of 5. In my defense, I did feel a tad sick all through the day, there was nothing to do, I didn’t know my boss was going to still come to work, and I had  somewhere to be. Also, No one notices when I come early. Why? Because there are not here to see me! Plus, this was the first time this happened, why couldn’t they just turn away and pretend that I do not exist, like they did when it was pay day (see next line).

2. I have not been paid yet! *insert mad angry face with tears streaking down it*. Reason: Mere oversight. So they claimed. I only become visible when someone needs to do something. And they blame me for coming late to work. I can’t remember what era people got transported in exchange for stones.

P.S: the government has not paid me either for National Service.

3. I do not know exactly what I am supposed to be doing here sometimes. I think the wrong people give me duties. And being the new girl sucks because I cannot complain. I just take it and smile. But I am kinda tired. I still keep waiting to be briefed about my duties but I doubt if that day would ever come. I should listen to more “Timid Girl Tips” on Style Network. :|.                                     Yes, the money would have definitely made things easier. Money makes most things easier (in my opinion). 

There are still some things I have issues with. However, I do like some things too. I won’t mention the nice things however. I talked to a friend in similar shoes and she was bold enough to show up at work whenever. I won’t do that though. I still have another friends that are in worse conditions, so Alhamdulillah.

Maybe it is the lack of money talking. Just maybe.

But no one told us it was going to be this messed up.



5 thoughts on “Why so Shitty?

  1. Awwwww. Pele!! I cried real hard the first two months of my service tho! But we had unsimilar experiences. I think the whole concept is shitty. There will be new intakes soon I guess

    You’ll be fine in sha Allah.

    And you shd totally implement them tips from style network. Lol!

    And then (lol) your instagram feels like you’re enjoying work! Lol. Just saying.

    See my story sef. Bye


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