Office Outfits

Last week, my boss criticized my choice of attire. I must admit I was a little too casual for the office (well, maybe a lot), but it was because I was too lazy to get into something “office-like”. I just felt lazy and carefree. If I was not on my New Body Makeover journey, I would have gotten a tub of ice cream and packs of Oreos of chocolate chip cookies and just had a lazy day with a book or movie. That was how tired and lazy and silly I was feeling. Plus, I felt like I needed a lot of sleep. I went squat-crazy the previous day and my butt and thighs hurt (and to think I didn’t even finish my work-outs). All I wanted that day was major TLC. Lots of it.  But what I got instead was my boss telling me not to dress like a kid and to start looking more professional (not his exact words though, but close). I was slightly sad, then mad and then I was like “whatever, man!”. I do feel like a kid, so what?! He is lucky I didn’t come to work dressed in a tutu! But the major truth is this: I hate my wardrobe now. I just really want to throw all my stuff out and get clothes that I really, really need. I don’t want to just buy stuff because it looks pretty in the shop and then I hate it when I get home. And the worst thing about me is that I am a cloth hoarder. I take really good care of my clothes so it is so hard to throw anything away because they are always in good condition. The best thing to do is give them out, which I do, sometimes…when I am not hoarding. Heehee.

So since I am not currently in a position to buy new clothes (the life of a graduate is slightly harder than expected), I went to my online wardrobe, Polyvore!!! I made up these outfits that I thought would look great for the office. That’s the only thing I could do to let off steam and sadness.

Here are some of the outfits. What do you think?



Office Friday

I had to put in flats somewhere…:)


Let me know in the comments below if you like (or dislike) any of these styles.

P.S: I did start to dress more office appropriate and my boss did notice and he commended me. I DO love dressing up but it does suck being a ‘grown-up’ and having to dress like this always. LOL. 😥


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