Basic Life Hacks You Need

Hello lavs. Who doesn’t love a quick, safe shorcut to get something done efficiently? I know I do. In a busy world, it is essential to find ways to hurry up day-to-day activities. Life hacks are little, unusual ways to make our lives easier. According to, Life hacking refers to any skill or novelty method to increase productivity and efficiency; in other words, anything that solves an everyday problem in a clever way 🙂

I decided to share a few life hacks I’ve used that have proved effective or that I’ve happened to stumble upon. Enjoy.

• Keep engine oil in your kitchen to apply on a burn immediately. It prevents blisters and swelling. I learnt this from my mum and I swear by it. Lol.

• Apply toothpaste to ink stains on fabric. Let it dry and then wash. The stains would come off.

• To determine if eggs are fresh, dip them in a bowl of water. If the eggs are fresh, they would sink to the bottom and lay on their sides. If an egg is about a week old, it would sink to the bottom and the fat end would rise slightly. If the fat end sticks up, then the egg is more than a week old. Bad eggs would float on the surface totally. Don’t eat those!

• Place a circle in the middle of meals when reheating in a microwave. It would heat up more evenly. Always remember to cover up your meals in the microwave to prevent splattering. It keeps your oven clean and it’s healthier for you. 🙂

• If your butter is too hard or frozen to cut, grate it.

• Go shoe shopping in the afternoon as your feet may be about 5% larger than they were in the morning.

• Learn to make something quick for guests, like a mocktail or a one minute cake. 😀 😉

• If you want to remember something, say it aloud instead of reading it over and over again. You are more likely to remember it. Works for me.

•Dab Listerine on a pimple to shrink it up (never tried this)

• Clean your taps, kettles etc with a lemon half to get rid of hard water stains and make them shiny.

Hope these were helpful. Got any other life hacking tips? Leave them in the comment box below. Ciao lavs. Xoxo.


4 thoughts on “Basic Life Hacks You Need

  1. I love the engine oil and toothpaste life hacks,definitely gonna try them out. But I read somewhere that when you have sore throat,you should eat marshmallows….not tried it out tho 😀

    • Yeah, I have heard the marshmallows theory but I’ve never tried it. I’d probably try it if I get a sore throat (if I remember, that is. Lol)

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