Here Comes Solat On The Move!

Hello lavs and Asalam Alaykum to my muslim peeps. I hope Ramadan was awesome to all who participated. May Allah grant us many more, In-sha-Allah. 🙂

There is something exciting that would tickle the fancy of all Muslims around. I present to you all the newest thing on the block for Muslims: Solat On The Move (SOTM). Created by GR Sunnatics, SOTM are prayer mats which are made specially to ease the task of observance of daily Muslim prayers, anytime, anywhere. I know, there are prayer mats that are commonly found in Islamic shops, but what makes the SOTM mat different? The SOTM mat is a very smooth light material, made from synthetic fibers, it is also water resistant. Imagine that! It won’t get wet and you can clean it easily. It is also very portable and easy to carry around.


The whole product consists of two parts. The first part is the Mat which is the main component and is about the size of an individual standard prayer mat. It is large enough to fit one person very conveniently. The second part is the pouch. The Pouch is a pocket sized piece where the mat fits in just right when folded. This allows for ease in moving around with the SOTM mat. You can carry it anywhere. Now you know why it is called Solat On The Move. With it, you can pray your Solat…on the move. 🙂

image In Your pocket!

The product is targeted at all Muslims irrespective of age groups and gender, especially Students and people of the working class that are constantly on the go. The SOTM comes in different colours so you can definitely get a lot of options to choose from.

GR Sunnatics is working on having Sales Representatives in all 36 states of Nigeria. So If you are interested in distribution or getting these mats for your personal use please call the following numbers for more details: Goodman: 08184886929 Fu’ad: 08132893862 Or email them at: or follow them on twitter: @RebelliousXIV @OkunadeGoodMan



2 thoughts on “Here Comes Solat On The Move!

  1. Wow, now this is great, I’m currently hundreds of km away from my comfort zone and been praying on newspapers and even bare floor. This would really come in handy. Good thoughts. We need full info on how to get them.

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