12 Things I Have Learnt This Year

This year has been full of a lot of experiences and it is not even halfway yet. Some of my experiences have been pretty shitty and could have been avoided but I guess I am grateful for most of them. Here are 12 things I learnt this year (or still learning):

1. Trust your gut feeling. 90% of the time your instincts are probably right (mine, at least). As for the remaining 10%, well, just go with the flow. LOL.

2. Know where your loyalties lie. All the time. Enough said.

3. If it is has to be kept a secret, it is probably not a very healthy thing to do. This applies to relationships and addictions mostly.

4. Learn to enjoy your own company. If you cannot do this, well, you probably wouldn’t enjoy anyone else’s.

5.Just say No. And mean it. (I still haven’t got the hang of this).

6. Put yourself first. You deserve it.

7. Β Every once in a while, a friend would probably act senseless and hurt you. Don’t take it personal. Move on. Chances are that you have hurt someone too.

8. I’ve learned that some things can be done in a fleeting moment and it can totally change your life forever.

9. No matter how hurt you are, the world still goes on. It is best to carry on.

10. You are not perfect. The awesome thing is that you do not have to be.

11. Be beautiful all the time. Even when you don’t feel beautiful, look beautiful. And vice-versa.Β 

12. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from school, work, exercise, whatever. Buy something yummy, go some place and be alone and have fun. Sometimes, solitude is needed to keep one’s sanity. πŸ˜€


I don’t know why I picked the number 12 but here is one more thing I have learnt. A blog is a good place to vent too. That is why we have comment boxes. Drop something and let me know what you have learnt this year.




16 thoughts on “12 Things I Have Learnt This Year

  1. i LOVE the 12th Lesson! I never miss out on that. ”Buy something yummy & enjoy thyself” If I don’t take care of myself, who will? πŸ˜€

    Well, for me, one major lesson I have learnt this year is to always take ”baby steps” towards achieving your overall goals. I call it baby steps ’cause you don’t have to wait till you get everything right. Poco-a-poco will make a BIG difference rather sitting and waiting for the BIG PUSH.

    It’s been a beautiful year for me, thanks be to God. Hope to achieve and learn more before the year runs out. πŸ™‚

  2. I liked number 9 it is so true the world keeps going on despite my own drama’s and hurt feelings, if I don’t carry it on, it does and everyone around me does, and just get left behind. Nice post!

  3. In addition to the 12 things above, av also learnt not to take things seriously. No matter how serious they may be or look.
    To always smile through my tears and not let the world see my weaknesses.
    To take things as they come and never expect too much.
    Life’s sweet, u av just one chancen just one life, enjoy it to the fulllest while u still av teeth **smile Ɲ wink**

  4. Like you’ve said ‘…..I’ve learnt this year’ which is from your own perspective, but again, a whole lot of people should be able to identify with this. Inasmuch as i have my reservations and objections to some, i think many others are cool and can be married into our lives. Thus, I particularly like 8 and 9 because i can relate with them, easily. And about 11, was the ‘gele’ a way of looking beautiful too? Don’t mind me. Lovely one kelechi. Keep it up

    • Lol. You just had to frustrate me here too! The ‘gele’ was hurried cos I need to come out urgently. I’m glad you could relate to some though. πŸ˜€

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