Heels and Socks

Been trying to write this blog for a while. I have noticed that lots of girls have being trying to adopt this trend. It has been a regular on the runway and red carpet events on celebrities. This is not a reason though to adopt trends without trying to pull it off in style. 

Found this picture on twitter sometime ago.


This is just not nice. The black socks are Nike socks. Please do not wear athletic socks with heels. You would be caught :p. And the ankle socks are way below their ankles. 😦


Socks and heels are supposed to make us girls look cute (remember our cute bobby sock era when we were kids :D) and chic. 

I tried this look during the last semester and I applied the following tips:

1. Not too thick socks. They tend to make your shoes too tight and uncomfortable. Go with what suits you.

2. An A-line skirt, pencil skirt or a bunched up skirt.

3. A blazer, to give you that serious, college-y look. You could use a shirt and a tie (but I don’t know how to knot ties so I didn’t bother)

4. Stick with neutrals for both the socks and heels e.g black, white, gray. If you want to mix colours for a party look, make sure they complement each other and are not screaming colour riot! like those girls that go colour ‘blocking’!!

And I came up with this look.








Sorry for the poor photo processing. 

Other cool looks:



Burberry ❤



Pretty colours which complement the heels!


Id love to hear suggestions and comments if any. 🙂

How would you wear socks and heels? 😀


13 thoughts on “Heels and Socks

  1. Wow. You are risk taker. I tried this once tho. Red patterned socks with red wedges. My skirt can never pass above my ankles 😦
    so I don’t think many people noticed. LOL

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